Saturday, December 3, 2011


This is a beautiful rendering that is funny with incongruity and informative with a roll call of glamourous mags in 1929.

Personally, I'm not familiar with Anthony Weekly, Oh Baby, Class, Spur, or Mercury magazines, but I'd like to be. Ya really got to wonder what he's got stashed behind the counter, and not just in the way of magazines.

Russell Patterson — Newsstand — 1929


Tororo said...

Mamma mia, this newsstand owner looks like somebody out from the cast of The Godfather... Perhaps we don't really need to know what's stashed behind the counter.

Larry MacDougall said...

This guy looks like he could sell you a magazine or rub someone out for you. What a great little bit of watercolouring and character design.
Thanks Thom.

Sim said...

I love this picture for what it is... So real!
The man looks a bit like a Schiele's... Am I wrong?
Thank a lot Thom!
A real pleasure!