Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You People Are Swell!

I want to thank everyone who has left a supportive comment about our accident. I really appreciate your kindness. You people are swell!

My wife and I are feeling very sore, aching all over (seatbelts save lives but they can also cause injury), but we really are SO grateful that it wasn't worse. I have such empathy for others who have suffered more than us in car accidents. I heard of someone else who had an accident the same day as us, nearby ours, who was a lot worse off than we were.

Best wishes for safe driving for all of you!

Oh! And the other guy's insurance company came through with a rental car for us to use for a few days. Whoosh, it drives like the Batmobile, fastest thing on four wheels!

1 comment:

joe ackerman said...

glad to hear it, matey. you two take care, now.