Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Color Kid

Did you know that today was Color Kid's birthday? Or is his birthday, or um, will be his sometime in the...far future?

This calendar was officially sanctioned by DC, so it's sorta official about these other birthdays and stuff. Oh, and this calendar doesn't match this year's alignment, so don't be setting appointments by it, you'd be a day late... or early...or something.


Bob said...

I hate to sound negative ... but I can't help but feel that comics were once a lot more fun than they are now.

Daniel [] said...

The thing about far-distant dates is that calendar systems change, but typically the old system isn't so much discarded as revised a bit, so that it becomes awkward trying to say just what calendar-day — and sometimes even what calendar-year people were born.

So I'm not sure what DC would be claiming here. Is it that the Kid will be born some integer number of years after to-day, or is it that, on the day of his birth, the most significant calendar descended from the calendar of Romulus will designate the day as the 14th of December?

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...


Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Oh and Daniel, not to jump ahead too much here, but the June page of this calendar shows that Krypton blew up on June 16. The concept of simultaneity throughout the cosmos seems to be taken for granted here.

But then we've seen how Kal-El can use his telescopic vision to track somebody's current movements light years away, so he probably easily tracked that date between his many travels to and from his home planet on his time journeys and other writers' devices.

Of course he would have to make adjustments for the relative time effect of Krypton's more massive sun, even as on his time trip he stood on Krypton as it began it's death heaves, and gazed skyward to the planet Earth and checked a calendar with his super vision. Except whoa, he has no super powers on Krypton, so he'd have to reverse that ploy, except whoa, he, huh, wuh, well he figured it out in some way, unless it was those guys at Star Labs. Those are smart guys.