Thursday, December 29, 2011


This cover painting by Kinuko Craft for Elfland by Freda Warrington is chock full of intriguing elements and has done its job to make me want to read the book. Craft is a modern master.

Kinuko Craft — Mists of the Dusklands — 2010


Larry MacDougall said...

What a fabulous dream world. Really fantastic !

Annie said...

Hi Thom,
I just placed Elfland on hold in my library system, to see if the book lives up to the beauty of Kinuko Craft's painting. I found this blurb about her working process: "The artist began with a very different concept for this book cover: two figures in the center, a winged human male standing behind a nonwinged female. But when Craft painted the male subject she saw something was wrong. After some consideration, she painted out the male, put wings on the female, and the final composition came together." ~ from Masters of Fantasy and Science Fiction Art by Karen Haber ~ There's an E-book preview of Haber's book through Google, and most of an entire article about Craft, including illustrations and quotes, p.143 to 149, is available to read. I think you and your readers would find it to be of interest: