Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bright and Cheery

Here is a bright and cheery duck cover by Daan Jippes — the only (in my opinion) artist to draw the ducks (slightly) better than the good duck artist himself, Carl Barks. It's sort of a scene from Christmas on Bear Mountain, but not quite (in the original story, none of the boys knew a bear cub was in the tree until later that night).

Does anyone know if Jippes' Disney art has ever been collected in one place? I'd pay real money for an album like that.

Daan Jippes — Gladstone's Christmas Parade #2 — 1989


Gerben Valkema said...

Hi Thomas,
THere's a Scandinavian book that reprinted a bunch of Jippes stories, some of which he made together with Freddy Milton. There's also a great Dutch book, but no English ones that I can think of.
But Daan also has his own comic series, in the 50's Spirou style, called Havank.
There's a giant version of the second book out I can recommend to anyone with drawing ambitions, you can see it at
http://sekvenskonst.blogspot.com/2009/11/giga-havank-by-danier.html .
Especially the preliminary sketches are beautiful, and the strip itself (and the sketches too, by the way) is printed at the size it's been drawn.
Gorgeous work, and there's tons to learn and even more tons to enjoy.
Best, Gerben Valkema

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Thank you Gerben!