Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Loco and Looney

Ding bing, dog bonnet and shukaloo! This computer is still acting loco and looney. It's been in to the fix-it people 3 times in the last couple weeks and I've gotta take it in again tomorrow. My work schedule is like a pile up on a foggy mountain highway. 

A person can be loyal to someone or something that they love and yet still be ticked off at 'em. I love my Mac, but if it isn't fixed this time, I'm gonna be thinking about a quick divorce from it.

Judge magazine — 1931

Hope to be back with you soon!?!


Anita said...

haha!!Me the same!!i dont know what is wrong with it..has to log in log out a hundred times.well almost during the day..and its not the ruter and not the internet..may be the proxy??well i am soo tired of it..tired of this Acceraspire computer!!!!thinking of getting a new one me too!!and a new Camera !for christmas!!hope to see you soon with your nice postings !!!!Hugs!!!

Sim said...

Sometimes our computers are real evils, aren't they?
Well, we all know that nothing is eternal, but one can't help to wish...
See you very soon Thomas! :)