Saturday, November 24, 2012

Welcome to My Nightmare

No, no. Don't let the title of this post mislead you. My computer is still working. I'm pushing it really hard so that if it fails again, it might derail during the slightly extended warrantee on the recent repairs.

I love any art that Drew Struzan creates, and here he channels JC Leyendecker who also never failed to deliver enjoyment for the eyes.

Drew Struzan _ record album cover


Anita said...

Nice!!))Stay Happy!!Muah muah!!!

i got a new ruter to my internet know..and its working peeerrfect!!Yoo hooo!!))

Sam G said...

Love this! Drew Struzan also did a Leyendecker album cover for Tony Orlando and Dawn. Forget which one.

Sim said...

Haaaa, at least it works, and so you do... Hahaha!
Struzan & Leyendecker... Some of the best, hmmm.