Sunday, September 12, 2010

BlackBriar Thorn

After the golden age, Joe Kubert rarely did superhero stories (other than Hawkman, and even those were few). So it was a treat to see him take on Superman, even though his rendering of the Man of Steel probably didn't fit the proscribed DC standard—but who could complain . . . it was Kubert!


Mark said...

This is absolutely glorious. Thank you for posting it.

joe bloke said...

what a cracker!

Anonymous said...

I've always had a special place in my heart for this comic.
One Saturday morning in Dover, NJ during the sketch classes Joe held for kids, Joe took a young Glenn Whitmore and I aside and told us that DC had offered him a Superman/Demon story. He wondered if he should take it. Eagerly, Glenn and I agreed "Yes, yes...that would be great, you should definitely do it!!" to which Joe responded "Y'know, I think I may just do it!"
I waited YEARS for it to come out, I couldn't wait.
During Joe's lectures he would draw for the class on a big pad and I pestered Glenn every week to ask him to draw the Demon for us (I was really excited to see his take on a Kirby creation) but Joe always declined saying he needed reference.
When it finally came out, I was incredibly pleased with the results.
To this day, he remains at the top of my favorites list.
Happy B-day, Joe! Thanks for everything!

Walaka said...

Holy cow! That such fantastic art and story-telling could be had for six bits - it's truly amazing. Kubert is a master.