Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Enemy's Point of View

Enemy Ace was one of the many creations of Robert Kanigher, and for the times was a bit of an innovation—taking the enemy's point of view (from the safety of a couple of wars away).

I was not too interested in WWI biplanes and such, but Kubert's art was so compelling that I collected each issue with fervor. These years later, I'm a bit bored by the repetitive storylines, but any one story, by itself, is very readable (if you read the archives in one sitting, it's a bit much). Kubert's art, though, only got better and better as the series wore on.

Below, some sample pages out of context.


Larry MacDougall said...

Wow ! That last cover is fabulous - number 138.
What I like so much about Kubert is how loose he was. I'll bet he was really cranking this work out - but he draws so well, it doesn't matter.
I always had a soft spot for Russ Heath as well.

Daniel [] said...

Enemy Ace was definitely one of my favorite comic books. Granted that my sense of the character was informed by how Kubert depicted him; still Kubert's depiction seemed perfectly suited to the character.

I'm really not particularly enamored of Kubert's work more generally, but I cannot help but notice the great affection held for him by som many professional artists.