Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Feverdream of the Future

And the Freas women! Many times they had the same facial structure, but hey, that's what makes a style a style. They were always part of that feverdream of the future.


buzz said...

Laser Books are one of the sad misfires in the history of sci-fi. Probably among the most beautifully packaged sci-fi paperbacks, they lacked any serious literary quality. They were mostly tyro writers (few, if any, who were ever heard from again) or trunk stories from older pros who couldn't sell them anywhere else.

Laser Books was conceived by Roger Elwood and published by the same folks who do the Harlequin romances. The project was not as far fetched as seems at first blush: Harlequin certainly had the publishing/distribution chops & Elwood had done a number of original sci-fi anthologies at that time (producing a glut of original anthologies; one critic observing every Elwood anthology always had a good story, three bad stories, and a Barry Malzberg story...).

However, because of an unwillingness to do truly edgy and/or experimental stories. the anthology failed. 'Tis a pity as one can see by the covers. Oh, if only someone would do a coffee table book about 'em...

Jacqui said...

There's a good reason why his women generally had the same facial structure. He didn't like to work from imagination if he could avoid it. And with two models with the same basic features readily available, one or the other could usually be bribed or threatened into holding still long enough. And, if that didn't work, he had plenty of photographs handy.

It was one of the ways in which he imbued a painting with the realism he was know for: the juxtaposition of true realism and that of fantasy. It made the fantasy believable.