Saturday, September 11, 2010

Joe Kubert Week

Welcome to Joe Kubert week, on this blog, in honor of Joe's 84th birthday, one week from today. Joe's lifetime achievement, from the golden age to the present, has been tremendous in the field of graphic story-telling. His work has been foremost in my appreciation since I was a boy.

So every post this week will be something by Kubert. Probably you've seen a lot of it, but these will be scans from my collection that has meant something to me.

Above, my portrait of Kubert, as he looked when I met him back in the 80s.

Below, from Out of this World Adventures #1, July of 1950, story by John Michel. I love Kubert's space stories, I just wish he had done lots of them, but alas. This story, Lunar Station, almost looks like a source for Ron Goulart's premise of StarHawks.

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Matt said...

Dense storytelling and beautiful art. You can't beat it. I first became aware of Kubert when I was in elementary school. Dynamite Magazine (or Bananas, I don't remember which) had drawing lessons from Joe Kubert in them - that's when I first got the idea of becoming a comic book artist. Alas, I just didn't have the talent, but I still enjoy sketching.