Friday, September 17, 2010

Blasted Right Outta the Sky

That last post set the mood to show one of DC War Comics mainstay pictorial themes: mainly lone soldiers blasting them fighter planes right outta the sky! Maybe somewhere somehow that's happened in real life in some theater of war, but these guys continued to do it in every couple of stories and in a multitude of covers, in one outrageous situation after another. These are by no means all of Kubert's versions, just some of the ones I had on hand (click here to check out the ones posted much earlier on this blog). Kubert made it all so believable.

The one below is my favorite of this group, just cuz it's SO outrageous!


Matt said...

Has DC done a collection of these stories? These covers are piquing my interest in them again.

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

I believe a lot of these titles have had the 'Showcase' trade paperback treatment (in black and white—definitely not my favorite way to read comix). Our Army at War has had a couple of Archives published, as well as Enemy Ace of course.

I once grew very weary of DC's war comics, the repetitive treatments and such. But reading the cream of the crop is fun.

ToB said...

DC is reviving the war comics titles right now. I think if you go on their site you'll find some of the new books.