Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Checkerboard Phase

I have sincere nostalgia for DC's 'go-g0' checkerboard phase of the silver age. Comic books were fun and DC books were easily spotted in the spinner racks. At 12 cents apiece I could usually afford to grab most every comic I wanted. But it was usually the Kubert, Infantino and Kane books I wanted. I bought each of these Detective Comics thinking, oh joy, Kubert stories, but oh well, at least he did the covers.


Erik Johnson said...

I always wondered what was up with those checkerboard patterns. I guess a young whippersnapper like myself didn't realize that before comics speciality shops or the internet to let you know what to expect in advance, the checkerboard pattern probably stuck out noticeably on a spinner rack when the other comics for sale would block the rest of the cover.

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Erik--At that time drug stores were the dominant venue for comics. The places always had that medicinal smell but it was such a treat going up to the spinner rack, and yup, those checkerboards stuck out as I thumbed the tops of comics that were stuffed in so tight that it was hard to pull one out, but I'd always pull the DCs up to the front.