Friday, January 28, 2011


Isn't this is a buttery-bright opera poster for Ariane, a five act opera by Jules Massenet . . .

Albert Maignan — Ariane — 1906

Explaining the pictorial elements used in the poster:

'The story is based on the mythology surrounding Theseus and the sisters Ariane and Phédre. The two sisters are both in love with Theseus, yet he chooses Phédre over Ariane. When Phédre is killed by the toppled statue of Adonis, Ariane travels to the underworld to beg Perséphone for her sister's resurrection. Softened by Ariane's offering of roses, Perséphone complies and Phédre returns to earth. Theseus is then made to choose among the sisters again and once more chooses Phédre, abandoning Ariane on the banks of Naxos. Distraught, she is lured into the sea by the voices of beckoning sirens.' —Wiki

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Larry MacDougall said...

I'm not sensing a happy ending here - lovely poster.