Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pool Party

To quote from a previous post of mine:

Have you ever seen the Teenie Weenies, the tribe of little people created by William Donahey several generations ago? They are these really little people that coexist with our normal size objects. Over the years, Donahey drew and painted many many of these images for newspapers, magazines, books and advertisements—all for the amusement of children.

Here it is Saturday morning and I just stumbled across one of the Teenie Weenies images, and I had a flashback to when I was a kid. On some Saturday mornings I would barricade myself into the bathroom with my shoebox full of army men, cowboys, pirates and knights; and have a pool party. I'm bettin' some of you did that too?

Gosh, I've always loved Saturday mornings.


Porky said...

Yep, Saturday mornings were great, and playing with toys was good any time. Some of us never grew out of it even, and just graduated to a new grade of toy..!

Annie said...

Hi Thom,
Thanks! I've never seen them, and I love these Teenie Weenies. Though the art is different and the concept is different, I'm reminded of a wonderful children's picture book called The Tub People illustrated by Richard Egielski.