Monday, January 17, 2011

A Small Landmark

Here's the snarly old man again:

Used to be that paperback books were really interesting . . .
and really cheap!

I haven't bought a new paperback book for quite a few years now. Do they even still sell em, cuz I haven't even had an interest in glancing at a rack. Who wants to spend 5 bucks or more on insipid works that will just be tossed into the next yard sale?

Ah, the good ol' daze when you'd get two complete novels for 35 cents, and a nifty Norman Saunders cover to boot:


Faff said...

man you really haven't bought a paperback in a while. Over here in the UK they're around £8 which probably works out around 10 bucks or more for your average paperback. One I've got has a price of $21 Canadian on it so that should give you some idea.

joe ackerman said...

hell, no, I haven't bought a new paperback in years. last time I paid for a new one was back when The Adventures of Kavalier & Clay came out in paperback, and that set me back the best part of ten big ones. ( three days later, I found exactly the same copy in a charity shop going for a pound! ). and, to be honest, there's bugger all out there I fancy reading, anyway. nope, it's second-hand shops and jumble sales all the way for me, these days.

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Peter—holy carp, I had no idea. The world has gone mad.

Joe, in the past I've bought some cool books at charity shops in the UK. Hope to again, one day.

borky said...

Thomas: "Here's the snarly old man again...I haven't even had an interest in glancing at a rack."

Boy, Tommy, you ARE gettin' old!

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

A rack of BOOKS, borky, a rack of BOOKS!

I ain't never gonna be THAT old!