Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ancient Magic . . . Weird Dream Worlds

Case in point, about Kelly Freas — what a fun cover for a fun book.

Frank Kelly Freas

As a teen, I just couldn't get enough of Freas and Jones and Frazetta and Krenkel and many others as some of you have pointed out. This is getting to be an old tune I sing out of key, but going into the drugstore in the 60s and browsing all those books on the spinner with all those great covers by the great illustrators of that time was mind boggling. I'm glad I had enough sense to pay attention back then. As I've said before, that was MY little golden age . . . and of course, for some of you as well!

I guess any teen can have a golden age in any era, if they just pay attention.


Bob said...

Love the posts -- and the blog! My teenage years were the 70s, and between comics and black and white magazines and the pulp revival and on and on ... I feel blessed to live in such a Golden Age!

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Hi Bob--

'Zactly so!

The teenage years are a time of discovery, in so many ways. Even right now has to be a golden age for some—because of current creativity, and also because this is the age of reprints, material from all the ages made available.