Monday, February 7, 2011

Ways of Sin and Gluttony

Thomas Couture — Romans of the Decadence — 1847

For being so decadent and having such a grand time, the Romans look pretty dour in this painting. But then maybe the artist himself didn't approve of what he was painting—perhaps tsk tsking the whole time he was painting? Perhaps he felt like he was pointing out the ways of sin and gluttony? Perhaps he was disappointed that HE never got invited to parties like this? Or maybe it was just that this particular party has been going on far too long and the ale is stale.

Those two guys on the right are definitely not happy about what they're seeing, even though one of them looks to be sashaying onto the scene.


John Matthew Stater said...

The human race has always had its disapproving nannies. Still, at least this one was a talented artist.

Larry MacDougall said...

You're right Thom - that's a pretty sullen looking group of revelers.

buzz said...

IIRC, the two figures in question are supposed to represent Paul & Timothy (or one of the other early apostles)

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Yeah, figured it was someone like that.