Tuesday, February 1, 2011


After last post, I received a couple of emails kindly asking me to describe the minor amount of work I did that involved Disney's Bambi.

The assignment was to envision an entrance way for a grand room, depicting the world of Bambi, and to base the architecture on a specific doorway in Prague, which is a city filled with beautiful doorways. I envisioned the lunette as a delicately painted scene of doe and fawn, the surrounding arch a low bas relief of Bambi's friends, and the surrounding area as a diffuse painting of a forest. The heavy door would be carved, and the handle a bronze bird.

Turning in the assignment, I was thanked kindly, paid handsomely, and never heard another word about it. I did a fair bit of more work for them, but asking about the work once it was turned in was frowned upon.

This is the sketch I kept, having delivered a fully rendered drawing.


Annie said...

I love your sketch. Thank you for sharing it. I'd love to go through that doorway!

Paul Allan Ballard said...

Wonderful!....was just in Prague and this would fit well. How fascinating since the author of Bambi, was from the same Habsburg period I assume the inspirational door was created.

Larry MacDougall said...

Really nice Thomas !