Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Purloined from the Past

Well, the time machine isn't yet perfected for travel.

But, its auxiliary probe HAS been perfected to purloin objects from the past. When you set something down and can't find it a minute later . . . you've probably been probed from the future. Predictably, that action violates temporal laws and after a few minutes the object returns to its time, a short distance from where it was picked up—usually the last place you'd ever think to look for it.

Here it has picked up (with barely enough time to holo-scan) a lady's toiletry travel case from 1916, gorgeously decorated by Gwen White.

Case Top

Case Front

Underside of Case Top (with Vanity Mirror)

Interior Tray Lid


P.D. said...


Daniel [] said...

Awfully impressive.

Annie said...

This is gorgeous. Tell me you own this! I love the interplay with the song lyrics.

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Annie, I'm sorry to say I don't. It was plucked from the past, and then put back.