Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rota Fortunae

Oh good golly, I really can't stay away from blogging. Even in the middle of panic—48 hours left until the drop-dead-deadline, with so much more to do—I find myself here at the magic machine, calling up more images.

Fortune Magazine started publishing 81 years ago this month, just four months after the start of the Great Depression, and most appropriately used an archaic image of the wheel of fortune for its first cover.

T.M. Cleland — Fortune Magazine — February 1930

Loonngg before the TV show, 'Wheel of Fortune', Rota Fortunae was an archaic concept referring to the capricious nature of Fate, as used by Jean Delville in the image below.

Jean Delville — Rota Fortunae

And gives a good excuse to pull up the image below because it too was painted by Jean Delville, which preceded, and I'll bet was an inspiration for, Kahlil Gibran's spiritual love art.

Jean Delville — Soul Love — 1900


John Matthew Stater said...

Where were you when I was looking for a great cover image for my PARS FORTUNA game?

Annie said...

I love the way you describe it: "I find myself here at the magic machine, calling up more images." Thank you for sharing the magic.