Monday, September 27, 2010


As I say, as you know, magazine covers in those days: incredible.

R Tandler — Inland Printer — April 1916


Li-An said...

Blue Tiger ? That's coool.

Sandra said...

Wow your wealth of beautiful prints and information is outstanding such a credit to you !!

isnt it amazing how some Artists just instantly are a standout in the crowd for you , thanks, Im meaning you bty....

ToB said...

Beautiful blue tiger! You might like a poster for the Munich Zoo,

main site

scroll down to find

'Ludwig Hohlwein, Tierpark Hellabrunn München (Leopard + Panther)'

I had a giant poster of this image that I bought in Munich.

usymare said...

It is really necessary to use a huge-extended colour pattern just to demonstrate how amazing a picture really cool be???
Thank you

Paul Allan Ballard said...

If my memory serves, Leyendecker did a few covers for Inland Printer in the early days, with more of an art nouveau feel.

Paul Allan Ballard said...

ahh here it is: